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The Bump Crew

The Bump Crew are a team of individuals dedicated to making any mom-to-be feel pampered with things that are great for her and the baby both. The Bump Crew curates high end products sourced from specific vendors. They provide a much needed platform in India to discuss pregnancy related facts/myths and tips for a healthy baby. The design challenge was to create an identity that is elegant, classy, and still feel comforting and nurturing.

After playing with many concepts, I designed a logomark that was a cute rounded 'B' representing a Bump, using a pastel color palette to invoke fuzzy friendly feel. The iconography, typography and visual elements I designed enhances this special luxurious yet comforting feeling. Within 6 months of the brand launch, The Bump Crew had a great online following, as well as became a respected name as the premium brand for high end, luxurious and unique prenatal products. The mark had the memorable impact we wanted it to have!



Logo design

Brand Identity system

Website UI

Logo Design Process

The circle is representative of a complete secure environment. I created 9 sub divisions - for 9 months of pregnancy

Flower petals are used in groups of 3 - mother, father with a tiny one in between. The meaning is layered - nurturing and softness to convey motherhood.

Finally, the logomark is completed with a Letterform design for 'B' with a heart inside the bump - symbolic of the womb.

Website Home Page UI


Website Design UI/UX

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