The Kenshoo Quarterly Trends Landing page

As part of marketing efforts to increase awareness about Kenshoo's thought leaders and insightful webinar that came out every quarter, the team gave me a fun challenge to design a Quarterly Trends Landing page that would tell the users at a glance what QTR (Quarterly Trends Report) and webinar can do for marketers and analysts, and have an intuitive navigation that helps the user to browse different types of content easily.

I created a user flow that gives the user an overview of the Key Takeways of the report which leads to a preview of the report that has a call to action. The content gallery has a sub navigation and a search bar to help find the right type of content. Each type of content is designed as cards, and has tags for categories that are used to filter when a user selects a certain type of content to browse. 

The result was a clean UI and useful information flow that leads seamlessly into a call to action input field.


Concept Design

UI/UX design

Interaction Design

Web Layout

The Kenshoo Resources Landing Page - QTR

QTR Hub_opt 1_1 – 1.png