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Dream Affairs Events

Dream Affairs Events is a boutique event planning and management company that recently launched its brand with this new brand identity and visual design system. They are located in a culturally and historically rich city of Udaipur, India which gave me a wonderful canvas of artistic inspiration.

I used historical art and architecture of the region to inform my initial creative directions. My client's main service focus was going to be weddings which is a huge industry in India. I used the elephant as the final logo because it plays an important role in all Indian weddings, since the time of the kings; the majestic, revered and sacred animal, also the face of one of the Gods worshipped for new beginnings.  Dream Affairs became true to its name through this vibrant dynamic Brand Identity.



Logo design

Brand Identity system

Home Page UI

Inspiration Board

Logo Design Structure

Branded wrapping paper

Stationery Design

Home page concept


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